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Our Mission

Once upon a time there was an MBA-wannabe named Sahit. He chose to work with an admissions consultant, he had a balanced application strategy, and this afforded him the privilege of choosing from a mix of good schools and attractive financial offers. Seven years latter Sahit enjoys a great career and has already paid off his entire student debt.

Around the same time there was another MBA-wannabe named Michael. He didn’t call on the help of an admissions consultant, he had a rash application strategy, and he ended up with very few admissions and no scholarship whatsoever. Seven years latter Michael is still chocked by student debt and couldn’t take full advantage of his MBA experience.

Our mission is to help you become Sahit instead of Michael. By leveraging both tested consulting methods and our own MBA experience, we strive to help MBA-wannabes reach their true potential. If this sounds good to you, please take advantage of our offer.

About us

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Andrei Popescu

Consultant, entrepreneur, trainer. He aims to accomplish your goals by leveraging both successful consulting methods and his own MBA experience.